NM Custom Snap Pizzicatos

NM Custom Snap Pizzicatos


Custom recorded 42-piece string orchestra snap pizzicato Kontakt Instrument.

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A few years ago I recorded an album called “AEON”. Many of you may have heard the title cue in the trailer for Cinderella. The album was recorded with a 42-piece live string orchestra in Brno, Czech Republic by the Capellen Orchestra (same orchestra as Two Steps From Hell) in a beautiful cinematic concert hall. 

At the end of the recording session, I had the orchestra stay for 10 minutes to record a set of snap pizzicatos. This is when everyone just plucks really hard on a random string on their instrument. With everyone doing it at the same time, you get a musical percussive sound that is excellent in film music, trailer music, sound design, etc.

I took these recordings and made a custom Kontakt Instrument out of them. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have.

- Nick