Can I use your music in my YouTube video?

Yes you can! But the cost for YouTube licenses for my music is a standard $100.00 (USD) per video. Please purchase and download an easy-to-understand license on the shop page. Payment can be made directly there or send a paypal payment to paypal.me/nickmur. Please note the price is for 1 song per video. If you need to use it for another video, or would like to use another song, please pay for each. 

Can I buy your music in better quality than iTunes & Spotify?

Coming very soon to this website! 

How do I install your custom samples?

Simply unzip the file, drag it to your samples drive, or wherever you keep your samples and then in Kontakt, navigate to the specified folder and load it up!

Can I give you suggestions for your vlog?

Yes please do! Shoot me an email, tweet, or FB message with your ideas.

How do you make a living?

I compose lots of music for TV. When those songs air on TV shows, I get paid royalties. I also get a tiny bit of money from my YouTube videos. But I mean TINY!! If you enjoy my work please donate by clicking here so that I can make more music, videos, tutorials, etc.!